Port Lympne

Today we went to the zoo. It’s rare that we have a family day out. Normally it’s either mummy or daddy but today there was both!

We went to Port Lympne zoo, Kent.

It was a lovely day. The sun was shining for the first time in about 6 months (it feels like longer!) and Henry loved it.

His favourite animal is a tiger. They had them there, but unfortunately we didn’t see any in the enclosure. Thankfully, Henry was excited enough by the cheetah, which he called a tiger and roared anyway.

They also have a really cool safari truck that goes round too. Henry loved this part. He chatted the whole way, I guess about the views and how exciting it all was.


Such a lovely family day out. I would definitely recommend it.

I was impressed at how family friendly they were too. They have pushchairs at different points which visitors are free to use. This came in handy when Henry got tired of walking and needed a nap.

The highlights were seeing three amazing giraffes, zebras, an ostrich, a huge gorilla. The size of this gorilla – it made it easy to imagine some sort of King Kong scene playing out in the enclosure.

There was also a lovely little baby gorilla and it’s mummy. It just wanted cuddles – we’re not so different really.


We also got mooned by a troop of baboons. They looked like they had a bad case of nappy rash.

We let Henry choose an item from the gift shop. We now have a ‘Henry’ lorry to add to his ever growing collection of cars.


Water Play


Today, we got out the tuffspot, bowls, red heart-shaped sugar cubes and a little washing up liquid. Henry starting by putting all the sugar cubes into one bowl of water, then transferring them one by one into another bowl of water. Then he began tipping water from one bowl to another.

This was quickly followed by a splashing frenzy.

He has been engrossed in this for about half an hour so far and there are no signs of letting up yet.


Toy Story fan


There’s something about, well no, not Mary – Toy Story!!

Such a brilliant film, all these years later. I still laugh at the jokes (although how many times can I watch it before I start wishing for a change?).

We’ve bought Henry a Bullseye previously as a reward for being so good at his vaccinations, but a Woody and Buzz is definitely on its way soon!

(Oh and a potato head he got for his first birthday! This developed into an obsession with carrying around Mr Potato Head’s ears. Now they have disappeared but I’m sure they will turn up in some really strange place. Hopefully not in my son’s nappy…)


Definitely a little fan in the making.

Most loved toys

Henry has a lot of toys.


This photo shows only a small selection -the rest are piled up in his room. I rarely buy him toys as he gets so much from all the family and friends who love him. The pirate ship (Little People, Fisher Price) in the foreground however, that was from me, for Christmas. And I’m pleased to say it is one of his most loved toys.

Little boys and pirate ships. It plays sea-shanty type songs, and he sways to it. He pushes it around the living room on it’s hidden wheels, and puts the little pirate in the hammock and pretends the little man is going to sleep.


And if I recall the purchase from as long ago as three months, it wasn’t too unreasonable. From Argos, I believe it was around £30-£35. A bargain considering how much use and fun imaginative play it has created.

Being naughty

Henry now has an obsession with the following items:
The sky box
The telly
The wires connecting the sky box to the telly
My phone
My keys
Every other object I’d rather he didn’t touch.

Now I don’t understand why he can’t play with his (millions of) toys. He’s like a moth to a flame with forbidden things.

I guess it’s natural curiosity and that he just wants to learn and be “grown-up”, and I’m sure all toddlers are the same.

He will do something like, knock something over, pull a wire so something falls or drop delicate items and turn to me and say very clearly “uh-oh”.

Now how can I discipline a cutie like that? It’s hard, I’ll tell you that.

Baby born deaf hears mother’s voice

“This is a Must Watch! This 8 month old baby was born deaf, watch the moment as his cochlear implant is activated and he hears sound for the first time, and his mother’s voice.”

This came up in my Facebook feed. I just think it is so lovely – I wanted to share with you all!