Port Lympne

Today we went to the zoo. It’s rare that we have a family day out. Normally it’s either mummy or daddy but today there was both!

We went to Port Lympne zoo, Kent.

It was a lovely day. The sun was shining for the first time in about 6 months (it feels like longer!) and Henry loved it.

His favourite animal is a tiger. They had them there, but unfortunately we didn’t see any in the enclosure. Thankfully, Henry was excited enough by the cheetah, which he called a tiger and roared anyway.

They also have a really cool safari truck that goes round too. Henry loved this part. He chatted the whole way, I guess about the views and how exciting it all was.


Such a lovely family day out. I would definitely recommend it.

I was impressed at how family friendly they were too. They have pushchairs at different points which visitors are free to use. This came in handy when Henry got tired of walking and needed a nap.

The highlights were seeing three amazing giraffes, zebras, an ostrich, a huge gorilla. The size of this gorilla – it made it easy to imagine some sort of King Kong scene playing out in the enclosure.

There was also a lovely little baby gorilla and it’s mummy. It just wanted cuddles – we’re not so different really.


We also got mooned by a troop of baboons. They looked like they had a bad case of nappy rash.

We let Henry choose an item from the gift shop. We now have a ‘Henry’ lorry to add to his ever growing collection of cars.



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